Roseon Finance Newsletter, November 2021

Roseon Finance Newsletter, November 2021

General Update

The first week of November is coming to a close, marking another month full of flurries of activities here at Roseon Finance. If you have been reading our blog you are well aware of the different activities we have been involved in to make sure that you, our precious users, get the best of the crypto world.

A gateway to everything crypto, Roseon Finance prides itself on offering complex services of the decentralized world in a way that it is easy for users to not only understand but invest in world class products with profit ratios much better than our competitors. Our last month has been aligned with this strategy, with each update and new service reflecting it. But exactly have we been doing in tha last month? Let’s look at how the Roseon Finance team has been helping you.

Monthly Recap

October has been a good month for Roseon. Honestly, all the months have been, but October holds a precious place. Speaking of growth, our TVL is also in line with this and has reached a whopping $10 million.

One of the biggest feedback we received from you, our users, was the lack of the ability to exchange one asset to another and that got us thinking that this service should be available within our app. So we decided to do just that and added in a swap feature.

The Roseon Finance app has also gained momentum, with more than 40,000 downloads and 20,000 active users.

Mainstream Crypto Exchange Listing

While we do understand that DEXs are a very important part of the DeFi and GameFi community, we felt that a lot of our patrons are still relying on centralized exchanges. $ROSN was put up for a community vote on and with your confidence in our token, we won the competition and are listed on one of the largest mainstream crypto exchanges!

Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran, Our New Advisor

As we venture into the depths of the crypto sphere and make ever new partnerships, we felt we needed an expert in the area. Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran, the CEO and Founder of GD10, is the man we sought and he has agreed to be our new advisor.

A man of many talents, the medical practitioner is known more for his keen eye on different crypto projects and helping people invest in platforms that deliver exceptional services and generate good money. With Roseon Finance aggressively expanding and making partnerships all over the world, the Doctor is what we really need.

Updates in the Roseon Finance App

In line with our mission to bring the world of crypto within a single app to our users, we have had several updates done to the Roseon Finance app, including:

  • A new farming pool for the top GameFi platform Axie Infinity.
  • New Savings and Farming pools for our new partner platforms, Nakamoto Games and Flourishing Capital.
  • An overhaul of the Roseon App design, making it, even more, easier to navigate and integration of new and updated services such as swap.

Roseon Campaigns

We have set up different limited time offerings and services as a part of our continued campaigns:

  • Buy & Hold: Our first campaign in Buy & Hold gave the chance to win up to $7,000 to whitelisted users. If you missed it, keep checking out the app and blog for new campaigns.

  • Carnivals: Take part in different pools and trading competitions with our partner platforms’ tokens to win prizes. We have already had huge success with Flourishing Capital and Polkawar Finance.

New Partnerships

Our affiliate and partner network continues to grow every month, with October seeing Lavender pair up with us to delve into the GameFi sector. Latest partnerships include play to earn decentralized games such as Blockchain Monster Hunt, H3RO3S, Moniwar, ERTHA, Chimeras, Don’tPlaywithKitty, Cryowar, Wonderhero, Moo Monster, Moniwar, Defina, Nakamoto Games and ChumbiValley.


One of the most significant updates to our app has been the RoseonPad, a GameFi launchpad that helps upcoming gaming platforms launch their tokens and NFTs and allow interested Roseon users to get in early.

Games launched through RosenPad can be played by our patrons using the tokens and NFTs they buy. The play to earn concept means that the more game they play, the more they earn in game tokens, which they can then use to buy game upgrades, evolve their NFT based items and characters or even exchange the earned tokens for others or sell them in secondary market for money, creating yet another income source.

Our upcoming launches include ZomFi and MetaStrike.

.Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook

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Roseon Community Newsletter – October 2021

Roseon Community Newsletter – October 2021

With the final quarter of this year finally started, we at Roseon Finance look back and realize that we have come a long way in a very short time. At the start, we were a small group of people with a dream to create the best crypt experience possible and your trust in our abilities is a testament to achieving that dream.

Even with the crypto market having no significant movements, Roseon Finance has continued its momentum and In the last month, we have made significant leaps, both in terms of what we offer and you, our honored users. A lot is going on that is already implemented and we have a ton load of work ahead of us. Let’s recap a few significant achievements of the last month.


The App Itself

Aligned with our mission of making it easy for everyone to enter the crypto market and enjoy the financial freedom it brings, we have kept our app and services updated. Our strategic partnerships with different platforms continue to make our presence stronger and in the last month, we had connected with not one, but two GameFi platforms. A part of our affiliate network, HeroFi and 2CrazyNFT are two very distinct decentralized gaming platforms with rich storylines and entertaining games that will keep you busy for hours. Our Roseon users have been able to gain access to the tokens through our high yield pools for both tokens.

Apart from that, the app has been redesigned. Already tuned to be easy to use, we made further cosmetic changes to help people with no DeFi experience to start their crypto farming and savings without any delays or confusion. On top of that, we have also introduced a Lucky Draw offering to start our migration towards a GameFi experience for our valued users.


Our team has been heavily involved with different DeFi and GameFi platforms and have made many strategic partnerships. Gaming Finance, or GameFi, is the next major iteration of crypto ecosystems and we have teamed with decentralized gaming platforms such as Chumbi Valley, Moniwar, Nakamoto Games, Defina and 2CrazyNFT.

Even with the rise of GameFi, we haven’t forgotten that DeFi still is a large market and we have continued our strings of partnerships at that end with Flourishing Capital, FOMO Chronicles, SHopNext, Bettery and Mobius Finance.

One of our most significant partnerships is with Lavender, a blockchain-focused venture capital firm that helps different blockchain platforms achieve their dreams. Lavender has recently raised $3 million in private funding and is using the funds to further its cause. Roseon Finance and Lavender have set up the GameFi Hub Community, a group of firms and individuals who work together to test and check out different potential GameFi platforms.

October Fest

October is becoming a very exciting month for us as we are introducing some major changes and news regarding Roseon Finance. Our $ROSN token has been successfully listed on the crypto exchange, where you (our users) voted in competition and with the majority behind us, you can now trade $ROSN on the exchange.

We have also recently released an updated Roseon Finance app that now includes a token swap feature, allowing our users to swap tokens within the app. This creates an on stop solution for all your crypto needs.

We will also be launching our trading competition with a number of our GameFi partners. You can take part in it and win up to $12,000 in token rewards, right inside our app!

The State of Roseon Finance

Roseon Finance continues to make waves and the statistics speak for themselves. With over 35,000 downloads, our popularity is simply going one way: up! With new downloads come new users and we are proud to say that there are more than 19,000 active users that are using our savings, farming and NFT marketplace options.

Stay tuned as we bring in more in the month of October!


Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook

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Roseon Finance: Where Dreams Do Come True

Roseon Finance: Where Dreams Do Come True

Ariel was just like any other teenager. A young woman from an average background, she wanted to be a success in her life. In college, she was just like any other girl. She made friends and studied hard. In her spare time, she would hang out with her friends or go shopping to try out the latest fashion trends.

While her friends were able to spend money, Ariel couldn’t. You see, Ariel came from not a strong background. She didn’t have much money to spend. In order to pay through college, she worked in a restaurant in the evenings. Sometimes she got sloppy and made mistakes, suffering the anger of the patrons.

Why? Well after the long day in college, it was hard to concentrate on the job. Worse still, she had only the nights available to study – and she studied hard. After a long day in college and working, she would be dead tired. But she persevered and her efforts paid off eventually.

She graduated successfully. Soon after, her friends wanted her to join them on a trip they were planning to celebrate their achievement. Unfortunately, her financial position still remained the same and she couldn’t go, despite her best efforts to save the money. Her budget just didn’t allow her.

One day, she chanced upon Roseon App and was introduced to the world of crypto, DeFi and passive earnings. She downloaded the app and checked out the different savings and investment options. She was immediately hooked. The Roseon App was unlike anything she had seen before. Easy to use interface, connecting the world of CeFi and DeFi, immediate onboarding, tons of options to create a whole new source of earning caught her eye. With the intuitive interface, she was able to learn the ropes in no time and delved into the DeFi sphere.

Ariel kept on working hard and started investing her savings in the Roseon App. As the months passed, she started breathing a sigh of relief. Her investments had started to generate a passive income that helped her finances. With her mind now less on worrying about money and savings, Ariel was able to concentrate on her professional life. She was smart and soon became one of the most successful women in her country, setting up her own business as an entrepreneur.

Her success knew no bounds and with the help of Roseon Finance, the money she saved was spent on essential things. Starting from the littlest of items, she was soon able to buy her own scooter, which helped her to move around and meet with different clients, helping her business grow even further.

One year down the road, her dream came true: she bought her very own dream apartment. Today, when she looks back at her life, she reminisces on the struggles she had and thanks to Roseon, she is now able to live the life she always wanted.


“Your money can work for you, while you’re sleeping
You can take your income to the next level”
Composed by @iamfemilight

Ariel is just one of many people all over the world who have been able to take advantage of the financial benefits Roseon Finance brings with its holistic crypto savings and investment options.

Do you have a story similar to Ariel’s? Let us know!


Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook


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Hiring Bounty

Hiring Bounty

About Us

Roseon Finance is a licensed mobile crypto finance app that manages your crypto, DeFi & NFT portfolio and aggregates yield across DeFi and CeFi networks.

Crypto is a rapidly evolving and changing industry and we’re just getting started. We are one of the fastest-growing crypto startups on a mission to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency so that you and the rest of the world can achieve financial freedom and inclusion.

We believe in teamwork and fun and we are expanding and would like you to join our Hiring Bounty.


Why you’ll love working with us

We have an experience team who have been doing business in this region for many years, with proven track record.

We have a young and thriving community.

We have a working product, a DeFi, CeFi, NFT all in one app.

Strong VC backers to help us bring on a network of communities, future customers and partners.

Our team is diverse and ambitious with a passion for customer service and innovation that is distributed all over the world.

We offer these benefits to our staff:

  • Health Care Plan
  • Quarterly Bonus Program where you can earn up to 150% of your base salary + 13th month salary bonus
  • International work environment
  • Company trip (1-2 times/year)


Why you should join our Hiring Bounty

You will receive $1000 in USDT or ROSN for each successful referral with the condition:

    • Receive 50% if the employee passes 3 months
    • Receive 100% if the employee passes 6 months

How to refer friends to job

Send the application to: [email protected]

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Opening positions



Backend Developer

Research Analyst

Community Lead

COO’s Assistant

Marketing Executive



Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook 

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We’re Hiring: Research Analyst

We’re Hiring: Research Analyst

About Us

Roseon Finance is a licensed mobile crypto finance app that manages your crypto, DeFi & NFT portfolio and aggregates yield across DeFi and CeFi networks.



Job Title: Research Analyst
Salary Range: Competitive Salary
Email application to: [email protected]

Roseon is hiring a Research Analyst to analyze and predict trends, pricing, demand, and trading volumes of crypto and DeFi projects. As a Research Analyst, you will be researching and monitoring all forms of online activities for industry updates.


Required Skills

    • Experience of cryptocurrency analysis including a strong knowledge of DeFi yield farming and liquidity pools.
    • A strong awareness of supply and demand, primary and secondary markets, and the latest financial trends within cryptocurrency.
    • Excellent research and analytical skills including collating data from multiple online sources and making subsequent usable recommendations, charting data, and calculating price points.
    • Write a research paper on research topics in the blockchain field in general and DeFi in particular for product development activities
    • Proficient in at least one programming language, Python or Solidity is better
    • Excellent mathematical skills including finance and economics.

Desirable Skills

    • Experience within a cryptocurrency industry
    • Knowledge in a quantitative field (e.g. maths, sciences, finance)
    • Knowledge with financial modeling and financial risk assessment

Why you should join us

  • Competitive salary
  • Fast paced, innovative but friendly environment.
  • Medical Insurance +
  • Quarterly bonus
  • Yearly company trips

Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook 

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Significant Increase in Trading Volume, New NFT Farming, and More Product Updates

Significant Increase in Trading Volume, New NFT Farming, and More Product Updates

General Update

It’s been a challenging yet highly rewarding month for us!

Despite the impact of COVID-19, we have achieved steady growth last month, acquiring 27,000+ downloads and 16,000 users. By the end of August, we surpassed more than $2M 24-hour trading volume.

We wanted to make our new website more informative, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly. That’s why a new website has been released with lots of features. We endeavor to provide our users with the most accurate, up-to-date information and share our knowledge and expertise.

We understand that users want to use the app from anywhere, at any time. Therefore, we released the new web app version, which allows users to get access from any devices without installing.


NFT Farming

We collaborated with NFTrade to launch a Roseon Finance NFT farm, a farming application where users can stake their $ROSN tokens to earn exclusive and collectible Roseon Finance NFTs “Roseon Kicks”. In a week, 73,413 ROSN tokens have been staked. [Full article]

The launch of NFT Farming is an important step to bring exciting opportunities to reward our $ROSN holders and community, and merge DeFi and NFTs in a new innovative way.

New Pool

Users now can farm to earn interest, with the flexibility to unfarm at any time. In August, we launched 2 pools:

  • MFO MoonFarm: Stake $ROSN. Earn $MFO
  • ROSN-BNB Pancake LP Staking: Stake ROSN-BNB LP. Earn $ROSN

We also open more Savings Pools with variable options so that users have more choices to deposit their crypto assets without risk.

Community Activities

In August, we organized lots of activities to attract and engage with users. Those activities not only help promote our projects, acquire new users, but also strengthen our community.

  • “Buy, Deposit and Draw” Campaign, which encourages users to buy $ROSN and deposit in the Roseon Mobile App, had 48 participants.
  • “Stake and Draw” Campaign, which encourages users to stake and earn rewards.
  • Many activities in the community to boost engagement, for example: #PlayToEarn every Monday, Weekly Active Event, Tip Bot, etc. [Full information]



Partnership is one of the backbone of Roseon. In August, we have partnered with:

  • MoonFarm, the CeDeFi hub for Multichain farming – the partnership will bring more benefits to our users by shaping #CeDeFi community, boosting adoption with valuable news and contents.
  • NftyPlay, Social NFT & Gaming Platform – the partnership to support our “NFT Moments” feature and their social platform.


September is going to be an exciting month for us with the release of Swap, our key feature which allows users to easily exchange one cryptocurrency for another without leaving the app. This feature will help us to become the all-in-one crypto management app, conveniently managing user’s crypto and digital assets and where they can make investments with attractive returns and low fees.

Lucky Draw will be integrated in our app in the upcoming month to bring more gamified experiences #PlayToEarn to our app users.

We will also upgrade the flexible farming to diversify investment options, and provide more attractive rewards.

And, many other product updates will be coming soon.

    Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook

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