ROSN Auto-Compounding LIVE on Binance Smart Chain

ROSN Auto-Compounding LIVE on Binance Smart Chain

ROSN holders, it’s time for an upgrade!

The USDO-ROSN LP is now live on the “steaks” auto-compounding platform.

What this means for the Roseon community is:

❇️ No more “rewards harvesting” required
❇️ No more **** coin rewards
❇️ Yes, more APY!
❇️ Learn more below










OpenDAO and Roseon established a USDO-ROSN farm on August 15th, 2021, and have seen some success. However, we have decided to supercharge these efforts. In line with these efforts, the current USDO-ROSN farm is now being auto-compounded on OCP’s platform.

Furthermore, we can look forward to minting USDO with ROSN as an asset on the OpenDAO minter platform here, but we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves… Article on this later…

In the meantime, please enjoy the auto-compounding!


Less work, more ROSN!


[STEP 0] Unstake/Restake

Many users have already taken advantage of the ROSN-USDO farm on OCP.

Congratulations! This is SUPER EASY.

Simply unstake your LP tokens from “FARMS” and restake them in “AUTOCOMPOUNDING(see below.)

NOTE: If this is your first time adding to the ROSN-USDO LP, SKIP THIS STEP!

[STEP 1] Add $ROSN and $USDO to the Pool

Got some $ROSN? Good.

Got your $USDO? Good. Good. (Also available at PancakeSwap)



Enable the assets, Approve in wallet!

Now you’ve got LP tokens!

[STEP 3] Approve + Confirm

Once on the app and once in your wallet.

NOTE: First time users may have to confirm AN ADDITIONAL TIME in their wallet to set up a ‘zap’ that does extra work on the users behalf.

[STEP 4] Deposit All

Or adjust the slider and click “DEPOSIT”

Approve in wallet.

[STEP 5] Done! Auto-Compounding

How easy was that? Your rewards are converted back into their underlying positions.

That means more ROSN and USDO!

What does that mean?

❇️ No more daily rewards harvesting
❇️ No more wonky **** coin rewards
❇️ Yes, more APY!

Instead of seeing rewards, you should see your underlying deposited LP position increase, putting your tokens to work so you don’t have to… and with more of what you love!


USDO is an over-collateralized multi-collateral stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, thereby making stocks, real estate, crypto currencies, and nearly any real world asset a viable candidate as collateral for minting it.

One by one, assets are being added as approved collateral for minting our stablecoin, and over the next year, we can expect to see larger, more illiquid, and more ‘tangible’ assets added to our platforms.

Of course, USDO is also jam packed with utility and is available for use across a growing number of platforms. Read more here.

Welcome. You’re early!

Join us in OpenDAO Telegram to get the latest news too!


Roseon Finance ($ROSN) operates an easy-to-use launchpad, aggregator, wallet and swap application, that allows users to stake and yield farm. Its mobile yield aggregator manages users’ digital assets and acts as the gateway to DeFi, providing services across its multiple products and features including Roseonpad, a launchpad focused on new and emerging gamefi and NFT projects. Roseon had completed its original roadmap ahead of schedule and has added new key strategic developments to incorporate #GameFi and #Metaverses into its application. Roseon is available on both Android and iOS with the $ROSN utility token used for staking, transaction fees, and participating in tiered products and services.


Omni Consumer Protocols is a BSC native DeFi yield optimizing protocol. They supercharge the inherent value in all tokens on their platform and are responsible for the OCP effect, in which tokens on the platform tend to increase in value significantly shortly after listing.

They were the recipients in OpenDAO’s grant to build a minter for $USDO on BSC, which is now live on the OpenDAO platform. They continue to operate the ultimate DeFi lego set up, and very very soon, OCP is going to…

Oh. They told us not to mention the next part yet…

However, they did ask us to write:

“Be worth a damn, join the board.”


OpenDAO (OPEN) is the home of the multi-collateral over-collateralized stablecoin, and we serve as a bridge for real-world assets to cross over into the growing DeFi infrastructure.

The goal is to bring more value into the space by providing exposure to real estate, stocks, and more… all in a uniquely permissionless and seamless manner.

Real world industries’ business models will be completely transformed as a result of our success.

Join our Telegram if you haven’t already!

Secret message for you:

If you’re clappy and you know it…

Be sure to smash that clap button on the left a few times.

Thank you for taking the time to read our article!


Written by OpenDAO Team.

Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook

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ZomFi Fest: Uncover the Secrets of Sutter Creek and Win a Share of $120,836

ZomFi Fest: Uncover the Secrets of Sutter Creek and Win a Share of $120,836

To celebrate the successful completion of $ZOMFI public sale and official MEXC listing – Roseon Finance and ZomFi have prepared some quests for our survivors to complete. Utilize this chance to earn more tokens before your journey to uncover the secrets of the zombie-infested Sutter Creek.

Quest 1: Buy & Draw

Stock up on $ZOMFI and prepare for the zombie hordes and bosses. Aside from ensuring your survival, you might even be lucky enough to win a share of the $5,000 in prize tokens.

  • Buying Period: From Dec 8th 00:00 UTC to Dec 15th 00:00 UTC
  • Holding Period: From Dec 15th 00:00 UTC to Dec 29th 00:00 UTC
  • Participants are required to buy at least $250 in ZOMFI tokens with the Swap feature in the app.
  • Hold the tokens until the end of the campaign.
  • At the end of the activity, the system will select 20 lucky winners randomly, and each will win $250 in prize tokens.
  • The higher you go, the more chances of winning!


Quest 2: LP Farming

The saying goes that “no man is an island” and that “two heads is better than one”. Pair up your $ZOMFI with $BNB for a higher survivability rate!

  • Deposit: ZOMFI-BNB LP
  • Earn $ZOMFI
  • Start Date: December 9th, 2021 00:00 UTC
  • End Date: March 9, 2022 00:00 UTC
  • Higher flexible rewards
  • Users can unstake anytime

Quick Guide: How to join LP Staking Pool

Quest 3: Locked Staking

In a zombie apocalypse, survivors tend to be too occupied to notice their need to resupply. Worry not as with Roseon’s locked staking – your $ZOMFI will earn more tokens and resupply for you!

  • Stake ZOMFI > Earn ZOMFI
  • Term: 60D / 120D / 180D
  • Fixed APR: 20% / 35% / 50%


Quest 4: ROSN Farms

Are you willing to join the cause and take on the zombie apocalypse? All $ROSN holders can sign up for the trip to Sutter Creek and prepare by depositing their tokens to earn $ZOMFI.

  • Start Date: 2021 Dec 8th 00:00 UTC
  • End Date: 2022 Mar 8th 00:00 UTC

About ZomFi

ZomFi is a 3rd person zombie shooter game incorporated into the BSC blockchain. With their customized avatars, players can scavenge for rare NFTs while surviving various events, bosses, and zombie hordes. Players will have to decide whether to use their NFTs to fight or sell them on the marketplace to earn.

Shoot. Scavenge. Survive. The story of Logan and Lara’s journey to Sutter Creek in this post-zombie apocalyptic world starts with you.

Website | Twitter | Telegram

Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook

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DopeWarz Carnival: Build Your $DRUG Empirez and Win a share of $58,397 Rewards

DopeWarz Carnival: Build Your $DRUG Empirez and Win a share of $58,397 Rewards

Following the successful completion of the IAO, Roseon and DopeWarz will now be holding various activities that will help our future drug lords build their empirez. Rise above the rest and become the #1 Kingpin with these 4 deals prepared for you.

Deal 1: Buy & Draw

Get ahead of your competitors by buying more assets and betting on your luck on the chance to share $2,000 in prize tokens.

  • Buying Period: From Dec 7th 00:00 UTC to Dec 14th 00:00 UTC
  • Holding Period: From Dec 14th 00:00 UTC to Dec 28th 00:00 UTC
  • Participants are required to buy at least $200 in DRUG tokens with the Swap feature in the app.
  • Hold the tokens until the end of the campaign.
  • At the end of the activity, the system will select 10 lucky winners randomly, and each will win $200 in prize tokens.
  • The higher you go, the more chances of winning!


Deal 2: Stake & Draw

Grow your empire by staking $DRUG to our new farming pools to earn more with its high APR! All $DRUG lordz will have a chance to win a $3,000 prize pool.

  • Subscription Period: 5 days (From Dec 7th 00:00 UTC to Dec 12th 00:00 UTC)
  • Locking Period: 14 days (From Dec 12th 00:00 UTC to Dec 26th 00:00 UTC)


Deal 3: Locked Staking

The saying goes – “keep your mind on your money and money on your mind,” but with the locked staking offering of Roseon, you won’t have to overthink about growing your empire.

  • Stake $DRUG – Earn $DRUG
  • Term: 90D / 180D
  • Fixed APR: 30% / 40%


Deal 4: ROSN Farms

Last but not least, let’s not forget about Roseon’s very own token – $ROSN. All ROSN holders can enjoy earning $DRUG and join the underground battle by depositing their tokens to the new farms.

  • Start Date: 2021 Dec 7th 00:00 UTC
  • End Date: 2022 Feb 5th 00:00 UTC

About DopeWarz

Taking inspiration from the original 90’s MS-DOS game ‘Drug Lord’, DopeWarz is the first-ever Deal-To-Earn game on the blockchain. Players can taste how it’s like to live like a gangster and even have a chance to become the #1 Kingpin.

DopeWarz aspires to create a metaverse with an in-game virtual economy that allows players to buy and sell virtual DrugZ to gain tradable NFTs and tokens.

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook

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Buy and Hold Til’s Xmas

Buy and Hold Til’s Xmas

Hold, Hold, Hold and Win $WNDerful Rewards

Roseon Finance is launching the buy-and-hold campaign with a prize pool of $20,000 USD worth of $WND. To participate, users must buy at least $100 USD in $WND and hold it for 14 days. 2,000 wonderful winners to be announced and share the pot accordingly.

Campaign period: Dec 1st 08:00 UTC to Dec 9th 00:00

Holding period: Dec 9th 00:00 UTC to Dec 24th 00:00 UTC


How to participate:

Step 1: Download the Roseon Mobile App

Step 2: Register the account and get verified to at least KYC-level 2

Step 3: Buy at least $100 USD in $WND using the in-app Swap feature

Step 4: Hold $WND for 15 days (Dec 9th 00:00 UTC to Dec 24th 00:00 UTC)

The more you buy, the higher the chance of winning.

For example, if you buy 100 WND, and 10,000 WND has been bought during this campaign, then your odds are 100/10,000. Which is to say 1 in 100. Someone participating in this campaign who buys 1 WND would only have a 1 in 10,000 chance. And so on.


Winners Announcement:

  • A total of 2,000 diamond hands will win $WNDerful rewards
  • Final results will be announced within 5 days after the end of the holding period.
  • Distribution of rewards will then be 7 working days after the announcement
  • Prizes will be sent to the winners’ in-app wallet
  • Roseon Finance reserves the right to disqualify any participants showing signs of fraudulent behavior immediately.


About WonderHero

WonderHero is a Play to Earn mobile RPG game combining traditional waifu-gacha mechanics with DeFi. Players can collect, trade, and sell their NFT heroes on the marketplace; or follow their stories within the game.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Medium | Telegram | Telegram Announcement | Discord

Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook

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Exclusive ZomFi Private Sale for Roseon Supporters

Exclusive ZomFi Private Sale for Roseon Supporters

Thank you to the community for your generous and ongoing support as Roseon prepares for the launch of its first IAO (In App Offering) on Roseonpad. 

As a pre-launch initiative and to thank the community, Roseon Finance and its affiliate Lavender Capital are offering Roseon users an exclusive opportunity to test the launchpad function through an ultra exclusive offering from a USD50,000 pool of ZomFi tokens at private sale allocation. All Roseon app VIP Level 1 users will be given a guaranteed allocation and will qualify for their allocation provided they are at KYC 2 and above and claim their allocation within the timeframe allotted.



Date November 24, 2021  

VIP Round starts at November 24th 2021, 09:00:00 UTC

Public Round starts at November 24th 202,  13:00:00 UTC

Pool size: 1,333,333 ZomFi Tokens 
Price: $0.0375 per token 
Vesting Schedule: 10% at TGE, 1-month cliff, and linear over 12 months
Allocation: All users VIP 1 and above will have a guaranteed allocation.
KYC Requirement: Yes, only users who are KYC 2 and above will qualify 

ZomFi Private Sale comes with 2 rounds.

Round 1 is the VIP round where VIP 1 and above users are given guaranteed allocations and will claim their allocation within the timeframe allotted.
Round 2 is the Public round where any leftover allocations from the first round get distributed on a first come first serve basis.

VIP Round (Allocation Round)

VIP 1 to VIP 5 users who are at least KYC 2 level are given a guaranteed allocation as outlined in the below table.
Pool Weight is used to calculate the amount of available tokens for each level of VIP.
The higher the VIP level, the higher the pool weight and the more tokens can be purchased.
Your VIP level is indicated in your profile page in the app.
All unsold tokens from Round 1 will be carried over to Round 2.
For details on Roseon VIP system and how users can achieve higher levels, please refer to our website.
Level Guaranteed Allocation Whitelist Requirement Pool Weight
VIP 1 Yes No 5
VIP 2 Yes No 10
VIP 3 Yes No 30
VIP 4 Yes No 50
VIP 5 Yes No 80


If the pool has 100,000 tokens $ZOMFI, and we have the size of participants:

5 VIP 5, 10 VIP 4, 20 VIP 3, 50 VIP 2, 100 VIP 1

The combined of weight will be: 5*80 + 10*50 + 20*30 + 50*10 +100*5 = 2,500

Each share (ticket) can buy: 100,000 / 2,500 = 40

Each VIP 5 can buy: 40*80 = 3200 token

Each VIP 4 can buy: 50*40 = 2000 token

Similar to others VIP level

How to become VIP users


Public Round

Any leftover allocations from the VIP Round will be carried over to the Public round. This round is open for all users who have completed at least KYC 2 and will remain open until all tokens are sold.

Project Information

Project Name: Zomfi

Key Metrics provided by the Project:

Private Sale Price 1 $ZOMFI = 0.0375 BUSD
Allocation Round Start Time (UTC) November 24th 2021, 09:00:00 UTC
FCFS Round Start Time (UTC) November 24th 2021,  13:00:00 UTC
Sale End Time (UTC) November 24th 2021, 16:00:00 UTC
1st Claim (UTC) December 3rd 2021, 20:00:00 UTC
Initial Market Cap $416,250
Initial Token Circulation 8,325,000 $ZOMFI


The Game

With an open-world environment, ZomFi is a 3D blockchain-based game that takes zombie pop culture to a whole new level. In this action and shooting game, the protagonist (you!) fights off waves of zombies in a post-apocalyptic earth, shooting through the undead to survive. As players progress, the zombies get stronger and come in larger numbers. The progress also helps players rack up experience and upgrade their weapons. With 5 different levels of weapons, each level is rarer than the predecessor. With two distinct categories of gameplay, users can either play the game in different modes (hordes, boss fights, events, or fighting off other players) or simply roam the game, scavenging for ammunition, weapons, health packs or coins. The coins and in-game items (as NFTs) can be sold or exchanged in the marketplace.

Please refer to the Zomfi website for the full details, including their whitepaper. Website:

.Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook

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Participate in RoseonPad IAOs: a step-by-step guide

Participate in RoseonPad IAOs: a step-by-step guide

This is a detailed guide explaining the process of how to participate in any RoseonPad IAO (In-App Offering) for Allocation round and FCFS round.

There are 2 rounds for any IAO project, the first round is the Allocation round usually for users who have level 2 to level 5 VIP-tier, and also for whitelisted users. The second round is the FCFS round (First come first serve round) for any level 2 KYC user of Roseon app.
It is very important that level-2 KYC is required for all users who would like to join any IAO projects at RoseonPad.

  • Download Roseon Mobile app: LINK
  • Buy $ROSN at PancakeSwap | Gateio | Kucoin | MEXC 
  • How to upgrade your VIP level? Kindly read here: LINK
  • Cannot get VIP level 2? You can apply for Whitelist level at Roseon Projects page: LINK
  • Users register for level-2 KYC at Profile -> Identity Verification (3-5 days)

* Apply for level-2 KYC at Profile and complete requirements for whitelist level at Roseon Projects web page at least 72 hours before Sale is live

Step1: Log in and select IAO Project

First and foremost, kindly note that RoseonPad happens only in Roseon mobile and is not available on Roseon website. If users cannot log in Roseon app, kindly ask for support at our Telegram channel (

  • Level-2 KYC is required for any IAO participant. Users register for level-2 KYC at Profile -> Identity Verification (3-5 days)

Head over to RoseonPad page in Roseon mobile app. You can find all IAOs, including upcoming, live and completed projects and you can find all the up-to-date information about upcoming IAOs, too!

Users can see the list of Upcoming and Live projects at the RoseonPad page in Roseon mobile application. Upcoming projects are shown in the “Upcoming” section, users can read descriptions of the project.

Live-for-sale project appears in the “Live” section and begins at the “Get ready” stage. You can click on the project to see details of Project IAO information including Token price, selling duration, etc.

Live-for-sale project has four stages: Get ready -> Allocation -> FCFS -> Completed.

At the “Get ready” stage users cannot deposit. Users are allowed to buy tokens during the “Allocation” round and “FCFS” round solely. Purchased IAO tokens will be claimed automatically at the 1st Claim (UTC) time and following vesting date.

Step2: Deposit currencies into wallet balance

We recommend users to deposit buying tokens into your wallet balance to prepare for Allocation Rounds purchase, at least 36 hours prior to the start of an IAO. If there is any error or pending transaction, we can support you immediately before the IAO starts.

It depends on supported currencies of each project so users must deposit BUSD, USDT or BNB etc to buy IAO tokens.

🔸 The Guide for Buying and Depositing Tokens into Roseon Wallet at here.

🔸 You can also use swap function to get the fiat currencies, guide for swap is here.

Kindly choose the correct network to deposit tokens into your personal wallet address in Roseon app. After you deposit your balance will be updated, make sure you deposit enough tokens to buy IAO.

Step3: Buy IAO allocations

We advise you to be at the RoseonPad section around 5-10 minutes prior to the start of any IAO.

The Allocation round starts first, the FCFS round starts after. Only users in Whitelist or has level 2 to level 5 VIP-tier can buy at Allocation round.
FCFS round is for all level 2 KYC Roseon users. All unsold tokens from the Allocation round will be carried over to FCFS round.

🌹 How to buy allocation

For any round, to buy allocation of IAO tokens ($ZOMFI), users must deposit supported currency ($BUSD in this case) from the balance of your Roseon wallet into the IAO pools. The deposit cannot be higher than your Max Allocation and higher than wallet balance. (When the deposit transaction is executed, your purchase cannot be redeemed).

The amount of allocation you buy = Your deposit/ Token price
Allocation weight is calculated based on size of participants:


🌹 Allocation Round

Condition of participants: Whitelist level, or level 2 to level 5 VIP-tiers.

Buying duration: usually 4 hours (since the start of Allocation round)

Allocation per user: Limited

Congratulations users who have joined our VIP2-5 level and users who got whitelisted. You will get equivalent “Max Allocation” for IAO tokens ($ZOMFI for example) based on your VIP tier in the current month and your whitelist result (if you apply for the whitelist level and get whitelisted). “Max Allocation” is the maximum amount of IAO tokens ($ZOMFI) you can purchase.


🌹 FCFS Round

Condition of participants: Any level-2 KYC users.

Buying duration: The round will remain open until all tokens are sold, or at the end of sale time (UTC)

Allocation per user: Unlimited

Step4: Claim IAO tokens

Users who have successfully purchased IAO tokens, will get their claims automatically based on the Project Vesting Schedule (Public). You can check the 1st Claim (UTC) time and vesting schedule at or in the “Completed” section of RoseonPad.

Head over to the “Completed” section in RoseonPad. You can find finished IAOs there. Click on the IAO project you have participated in, you can track your next claims date.

Your purchased IAO tokens will be sent to your Roseon wallet automatically. Kindly check your balance in the “Wallet” section.
If you need support with claiming tokens, kindly reach us at our Telegram channel (

Learn more about us: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook

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