Ever since online gaming and interaction through the artificial world interfaces started, the concept of avatars and the digital atmosphere has led to the creation of what we now call metaverses. Digital universes where all of you is an online persona, complete with different body attributes and changeable dresses.

This, later on, meant that a whole new digital lifestyle ecosystem sprang up, with clothes and shoes becoming an online fashion statement. Combined with the blockchain arena, these fashion accessories are now represented by unique tokens called NFTs.

Today, ShoeFy is a decentralized platform that brings the world of shoe fashion to the blockchain age. The avatar wearable foot accessories are rare, with each one different from another. On top of that, ShoeFy has gone beyond simple online wearable to add in the element of DeFi, allowing the NFT holders to create a new channel of passive income by owning the shoes and integrating these in pools and stakes. Roseon Finance is proud to announce that it has partnered with ShoeFy to bring these rare collectable and meta wearables to the masses.


ShoeFy: Elemental Wearables

The ShoeFy ecosystem is fueled through $SHOE, the default token that powers the network. To make it easy for gamers and players, the ShoeFy will be launching its IDO from 11th till 14th October and then later on listings on different exchanges. This will soon be followed by their sNFT genesis minting. These ShoeFy NFTs will represent different virtual shoes. Digital fashion statements, each with unique characteristics. Each shoe is created through a programmed combination of 10,000 variables, ensuring that each time a fashion shoe is generated, it is one of a kind. Furthermore, the shoes are encoded as sNFTs and stored as ERC721 tokens on the blockchain, ensuring that each shoe is truly unique. For the genesis minting, only 3,000 pairs will be created.

The sNFTs will be later integrated with DeFi services, such as staking and farming. As a ShoeBeast who mints an sNFT, you have the option to use it yourself or sell it off in the ShoeFy marketplace. With you as the original owner, not only do you earn from the initial sale, but earn royalties every time your sNFT exchanges hands. Another staking option of the native $SHOE token or farm the sNFT to earn $SHOE and rare NFTs also exists. The minting, reselling and staking and farming also provides liquidity to the platform and the LP tokens offered can be further used to boost the profits.

That being said, ShoeFy doesn’t simply offer digital fashion in the form of shoes. With the token launch and DeFi integration complete, it will eventually tap into the GameFi services with a carefully crafted story behind them. According to ShoeFy, untold time ago, when the universe was young and our earth was in the process of maturity, there existed four elements that decided to make our planet their abode. Pegasus with the power of Wind, Whale of Water, Phoenix of Fire and Taurus of Earth. Today, many of us are descendants of the original four tribes and we can gain access to the shoes they created.

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Roseon Finance: Income Booster

Roseon Finance has already made a name for itself in the DeFi industry for providing true financial freedom to people from all walks of life. The app and the ecosystem have been created specifically to make sure that the DeFi offerings are easy to understand and not complicated at all. This means that people who have little or no understanding of how decentralized finance works need not worry about learning about it all, including complex concepts such as staking, farming and other confusing concepts. The app is designed to give only the basic options that an ordinary person would like and understand: Simply fund your wallet, select the investment type that you like and stake tokens. The Roseon Finance app takes care of the rest and lets you enjoy watching your earnings grow.

Understanding that not every person is the same is the key to Roseon’s offerings. With fixed and variable income methods, users are free to select what they prefer.

Roseon and ShoeFy

Roseon Finance is proud to announce its partnership with ShoeFy so that everyone can have their own sNFT. Roseon extends its partner network and one of its affiliates, Lavender, will be working closely with the ShoeFy team as advisers and supporters to develop a ShoeFy marketing strategy.

Once everything is complete, ShoeFy will go for an IDO and after its success, Roseon Finance will offer different staking programs, games and a lucky draw on its app.

Keep checking out your Roseon App to be updated on the upcoming ShoeFy staking program and its details.

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